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Group Breaks

What are Group Breaks?

The basic setup of a group break is that multiple people split the costs of the boxes (multiple boxes or a case of one type) in the break and then the hits are divided up among the people in the break (depending on what sports team that they get).

Group breaks can involve every product from Cup, Heroes and Prospects, Superlative, Dominion, Chrome, Ultimate, Series 1, O-Pee-Chee and more….. Group break’s are a great way to be involved in a large break at minimal costs.

How Do Group Breaks Work?

Once each spot is filled and payments are received for each spot in the break, we do the break and we record it. You will receive a YouTube link to see which team you have and we then post on forum. You will receive every HIT card of your team from the group break you signed up for.

All group break’s are also recorded for YouTube so you can watch the break at your own convenience (you will receive a link).

Once the break is over, the cards will be divided up into teams and shipped/picked up to the appropriate members that have those teams.

Break Rules

Generalities :

  1. The filming of the Break will be continuous for small break. For a case break or a huge group break, it will be in more video but each box number will be show before opened. 
  2. We will send out ALL the Hits for your team. Hits: A hit is any one of the following card Inserts: Serial Numbered, Rookies, Memorabilia (jersey/patch/tag/stick….), any other random inserts, and Autographs. Base cards are not considered HITS, unless they are serial numbered.
  3. Each Break will be recorded and posted directly to YouTube. This includes opening the box and all subsequent packs.
  4. Each winning bidder will win the link to the YouTube video for the specific Break listed in this auction and any HITS that are pulled
  5. Spoken language will be English.


Payment : 

  1. Please make Payment immediately after you claim a spot.
  2. Once all teams have PAID, break will be done and everyone will get the link to the video of the break, so please be curtious and pay promptly
  3. Paypal is the method of payment accepted.
  4. If you bought more than one spot, please send just one payment.


Shipping :

  1. All shipments will be shipped to the address you have registered in your paypal payment.
  2. All packages will be shipped in Bubble mailers and either a top loader, one touch or protective count cases (depending on the quantity of cards in the package.)
  3. All shipments are guaranteed to be shipped each Saturday


Teams :

  1. Team winner isbased on the uniform the player is wearing on the card. For example, a Cody Hodgson card is showing he’s wearing a Vancouver Canucks Uniform and the back of the card is showing he’s a Buffalo Sabre team player IT WOULD GO TO THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS.
  2. If a card is pulled of a player in any international team the card would go to the NHL team he played the most REGULAR SEASON games with.
  3. If a card is pulled of a player in any junior /minor team, the card would go to the NHL team currently holding that players rights. If the player is undrafted, it would be randomized 3 times in
  4. If an NHL All Star Uniformed player card is pulled it would go to the NHL team he played the most REGULAR SEASON games with.
  5. If a card is pulled from a professional athlete that has NEVER played in the NHL all the teams in the break will be randomized 3 times in, and the team on top will receive this hit. Example: If a Cassie Campbell Autograph is pulled from a set, since she’s never played in the NHL, ALL 30 NHL TEAMS in the break will be randomized for it, and the team on top after the third randomization will receive the card.
  6. In the event of a multi player card with different teams, each team will be listed 3 times in It will then be randomized 3 times, the team on top after the third randomization will receive the multi player card.
  7. If a redemption card is pulled, it would go to the player current team.


Other Teams :  

  1. California Golden Seals/California Seals/Oakland Seals/Cleveland Barons/Minnesota North Stars -> would go to Dallas Stars
  2. Kansas City Scouts/Colorado Rockies -> would go to New Jersey Devils
  3. Atlanta Flames -> would go to Calgary Flames
  4. Quebec Nordiques -> would go to Colorado Avalanche
  5. Winnipeg Jets (1972-96) -> would go to Phoenix Coyotes
  6. Hartford Whalers -> would go to Carolina Hurricanes
  7. Atlanta Thrashers -> would go to Winnipeg Jets (2011-present)